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Shinji Abe

A Qualitative System Identification Method

Franz Amador, Adam Finkelstein, and Daniel S. Weld

Real-Time Self-Explanatory Simulation

Jonathan Amsterdam

Estimating Order from the Causal Ordering

Prasanta Bose and Shankar A. Rajamoney

Designing Transitions in Multi-Region Devices

Kouamana Bousson and Louise Travé-Massuyès

Fuzzy Causal Simulation in Process Engineering

A.C. Capelo, L. Ironi, and S. Tentoni

Automated Modelling of Visco-Elastic Materials

Daniel J. Clancy and Benjamin Kuipers

Behavior Abstraction for Tractable Simulation

Philippe Dague

Numeric Reasoning with Relative Orders of Magnitude

Richard J. Doyle, Steve A. Chien, Usama M. Fayyad and E. Jay Wyatt

Focused Real-time Systems Monitoring Based on Multiple Anomaly Models

Thomas Ellman, John Keane and Mark Schwabacher

Intelligent Model Selection for Hillclimbing Search in Computer-Aided Design

Patrice O. Gautier and Thomas R. Gruber

Generating Explanations of Device Behavior Using Compositional Modeling and Causal Ordering

Yoshiteru Ishida

A Qualitative System Theory: Introducing Global View into Qualitative Reasoning

Yumi Iwasaki and Alon Y. Levy

Automated Model Selection for Simulation

Herbert Kay and Lyle H. Ungar

Deriving Monotonic Function Envelopes from Observations

Takashi Kiriyama and Tetsuo Tomiyama

Reasoning about Models across Multiple Ontologies

Wood W. Lee and Benjamin J. Kuipers

A Qualitative Method to Construct Phase Portraits

Sui-ky Ringo Ling and Louis Steinberg

Approximation Operators in Distributed Modeling

Robert Milne and Louise Travé-Massuyès

Application Oriented Qualitative Reasoning

P. Pandurang Nayak

Order of Magnitude Reasoning using Logarithms

Dorothy Neville and Daniel S. Weld

Innovative Design as Systematic Search

Toyoaki Nishida

Generating Quasi-symbolic Representation of Three-Dimensional Flow

Mahmoud Pegah, Jon Sticklen, William Bond and James K. McDowell

Representing and Reasoning about Physical Systems from a Functional Viewpoint

Cis Schut and Bert Bredeweg

Automatic Enhancement of Model Parsimony

Nikitas M. Sgouros

Using Qualitative, Numerical and Heuristic Knowledge to support Innovative Design

Howard E. Shrobe

Understanding Linkages

Peter Struss

On Temporal Abstraction in Qualitative Physics: A Preliminary Report

Devika Subramanian and Cheuk-San (Edward) Wang

Kinematic Synthesis with Configuration Spaces

Shirley Tessler, Yumi Iwasaki and Kincho Law

Qualitative Structural Analysis Using Diagrammatic Reasoning

Bernard Yannou

Qualitative design with Envisionment

Ke-Thia Yao and Andrew Gelsey

Spatial Reasoning for Intelligent Control of Numerical Simulators

Kenneth Man-kam Yip

Model Simplification by Asymptotic Order of Magnitude Reasoning

Kenneth Man-kam Yip

Qualitative Asymptotic Analysis of Complex Functions