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Adorni, G., Burdese, M., Del Grosso, A., Loddo, R . and Zucchini, A.

A Qualitative Approach to Structural Mechanics


Bandini, S., Bruschi, M.,  Filippini, M.G. and Molesini, A.

A Logic Programming Approach to Qualitative Process Theory

Bandini, Stefania, Cattaneo, Gianpiero and Stofella, Paolo

A Theory for Molecule Structures: The Molecular Onthology Theory

Dague, Philippe

Order of Magnitude Revisited

Decuyper, Jo  and Keymeulen, Didier

An Analogical Representation of Liquids Based on a Physical Mechanism

DiManzo, M., Tezza,  D. and Trucco, E.

Connectivity and Time in Qualitative Simulation

Dormoy, Jean-Luc

Controlling Qualitative Resolution

Downing, Keith  and Shrager, Jeff

Assumption Management in Qualitative Medical Diagnosis

Doyle, Richard J .

A Set of Constraints for Reasoning in the Physical System Domain

Falkenhainer, Brian  and  Forbus, Kenneth D.

Setting up Large-Scale Qualitative Models

Faltings, Boi

The Use of the Metric Diagram in Qualitative Kinematics

Forbus, Kenneth D.

Introducing Actions into Qualitative Simulation

Gambardella, Luca, Gardin, Francesco and Meltzer, Bernard

Analogical Representation in Modelling Naive Physics

Hamburger, Jean

FROG: Formalism for Representation of Objects in Geology

Hunter, Jim, Gotts, Nick and Hamlet, Ian

Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning in Cardiac Electrophysiology

Iwasaki, Yumi

Causal Ordering in a Mixed Structure

Janson-Fleischmann, Agnes  and Sutschet, Gerhard

A Process Oriented Approach for Qualitative Modeling and Analysis of Dynamical Systems

Joskowicz, Leo and Addanki, Sanjaya

From Kinematics to Shape: An Approach to Innovative Design

Kuipers, Benjamin and Berleant, Daniel

Using Incomplete Quantitative Knowledge in Qualitative Reasoning

Lee, Wood W. and Kuipers, Benjamin J.

Non-Intersection of Trajectories in Qualitative Phase Space: A Global Constraint for Qualitative Simulation

Murthy, Seshashayee S.

Qualitative Reasoning at Multiple Resolutions

Nielsen, Paul

Qualitative Mechanics: Envisioning the Clock

Porté, Nathalie, Boucheron, Stéphane, Sallantin, Jean and Arlabosse, François

An Algorithmic View at Causal Ordering


Raiman, Olivier

Caricatural Reasoning

Sacks, Elisha

A Dynamic Systems Perspective on Qualitative Simulation

Simmons, Reid G. and Wellman, Michael P.

Mechanisms for Commonsense Reasoning about Sets

Struss, Peter

Reasons and Filters for Spurious Behaviors

Toal, Andrew F.

Steps to Improve Qualitative Simulation

Weld, Daniel S.


Williams, Brian C .

MINIMA: A Symbolic Approach to Qualitative Algebraic Reasoning