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Addanki, Sanjaya, Cremonini, Roberto and Penberthy, J. Scott

Reasoning about Assumptions in Graphs of Models

Berleant, Daniel

Numerical and Qualitative Hybrid Simulation: A Unified Framework for Reasoning about Continuous Systems

Bylander, Tom

Consolidating Pipes

Chiu, Charles and Kuipers, Benjamin

Comparative Analysis and Qualitative Integral Representations

Coiera, Enrico W.

Learning Qualitative Models from Example Behaviours

Collins, John W.

Building Qualitative Models of Thermodynamic Processes

Decuyper, Jo and Keymeulen, Didier

A Qualitative Model for the Behavior of Liquids and Gases in Daily Life

Doyle, Jon and Sacks, Elisha P.

Stochastic Analysis of Qualitative Dynamics

Faltings, Boi, Baechler, Emmanuel and Primus, Jeff

Reasoning about Kinematic Topology

Forbus, Kenneth D.

Pushing the Edge of the (QP) Envelope

Gallanti, Massimo, Roncato, Marco, Stefanini, Alberto and Tornielli, Giorgio

A Diagnostic Algorithm based on Models at Different Level of Abstraction

Hibler, David L. and Biswas, Gautam

TEPS: The Thought Experiment Approach to Qualitative Physics

Huberman, Bernardo A. and Struss, Peter

Chaos, Qualitative Reasoning and the Predictability Problem

Iwasaki, Yumi

Two Model Abstraction Techniques Based on Temporal Grain Size: Aggregation and Mixed Models

Joskowicz, Leo

Simplification and Abstraction of Kinematic Behaviors: Hierarchical Reasoning in Mechanical Devices

Liu, Zheng-Yang

A Charge-Carrier Ontology for Reasoning about Electronics

Narain, Sanjai and Rothenberg, Jeff

A History-Oriented View of Causality

Nishida, Toyoaki and Doshita, Shuji

Stratification: A New Method of Analyzing Discontinuous Change

Pu, Pearl

Simulating Both Dynamic and Kinematic Behaviors of Mechanisms

Raiman, O.

The Reaction Engine

Randell, D. A . and Cohn, A. G.

Exploring Naive Topology: Modelling the Force Pump

Sacks, Elisha

Qualitative Analysis of Continuous Dynamic Systems by Intelligent Numeric Experimentation

Throop, David R.

Spatial Unification: Qualitative Spatial Reasoning about Steady State Mechanisms an Overview of Current Work

Van Nypelseer, Pierre

Qualitative Change Waves: The Automatic Detection of Highway Traffic Incidents

Washio, Takashi

Derivation of Exogenously-Driven Causality Based on Assumptive Structural Equations

Weld, Daniel S.

Automated Model Switching

Wiegand, Mark and Leitch, Roy

A Predictive Engine for the Qualitative Simulation of Continuous Dynamic Systems