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Núria Agell, J . Carlos Aguado, and Núria Piera

A Qualitative Images Fusion

Pim Borst, Hans Akkermans, Anita Pos, and Jan Top

The PhysSys Ontology for Physical Systems

Giorgio Brajnik

Introducing Boundary Conditions in Semi-Quantitative Simulation

A. C . Capelo, L. Ironi, and S. Tentoni

Automated Selection of an Accurate Model of a Visco-Elastic Material

Oskar Dressler

On-line Diagnosis of Dynamic Systems Based on Qualitative Models and Dependency-Recording Diagnosis Engines

John O. Everett

A Theory of Mapping from Structure to Function Applied to Engineering Thermodynamics

François Guerrin

Dualistic Algebra for Qualitative Analysis

Vineet Gupta and Peter Struss

Modeling a Copier Paper Path: A Case Study in Modeling Transportation Processes

Yoshiteru Ishida

Symmetry-Based Reasoning about Equations of Physical Laws

Yumi Iwasaki, Adam Farquhar, Vijay Saraswat, Daniel Bobrow, and Vineet Gupta

Modeling Time in Hybrid Systems: How Fast is "Instantaneous"?

Pascal Jézéquel and Laurent Zimmer

A Better Expression of Knowledge to Reduce Spurious Behaviors in Qualitative Simulation

Jaap Kamps and Gábor Péli

Qualitative Reasoning beyond the Physics Domain: The Density Dependence Theory of Organizational Ecology

Gerwald Lichtenberg and Jan Lunze

Observation of Unmeasurable States by Means of Qualitative Models

Monika Lundell

A Qualitative Model of Gradient Flow in a Spatially Distributed Parameter

Pieter J . Mosterman and Gautam Biswas

Modeling Discontinuous Behavior with Hybrid Bond Graphs

Patrick Olivier, Andrew Ormsby, and Keiichi Nakata

Occupancy Array-Based Kinematic Reasoning

Steven Reece and Hugh Durrant-Whyte

Qualitative Navigation by Sensor Centric Landmark Tracking

Cis Schut and Bert Bredeweg

Supporting Qualitative Model Construction: Eliminating Incorrectly Predicted Derivatives

Yury Tsybenko

Decomposition into Independent Diagnosis Subproblems

Marcos Vescovi, Adam Farquhar and Yumi Iwasaki

Numerical Interval Simulation: Combined Qualitative and Quantitative Simulation to Bound Behaviors of Non-Monotonic Systems

Bernard Yannou and Adrian Vasiliu

Design Platform for Planar Mechanisms Based on Qualitative Kinematics

Kenneth Man-kam Yip

Reasoning about Fluid Motion I: Finding Structures



Hatem Ahriz

Introducing Default Models to Diagnose and Monitoring Dynamic Processes

Laurent Ayrolles, Robert Faivre, and François Guerrin

Time Abstraction and Quantitative/Qualitative Interpretation of Multiple Dynamics Processes

Juan Flores and Art Farley

Reasoning about Constant Coefficient Dynamic Systems

Ioa S. Gavrila and Piet Iedema

An Integrated Knowledge Approach for Conceptual Equipment Design

Nicholas Mark Gotts and Anthony G. Cohn

A Mereological Approach to Representing Spatial Vagueness

Yoshiteru Ishida

Diagrammatic Reasoning by Propagating Constraints through Geometric Objects: An Application to Truss Analysis

Bernardo M. Seix, Andreu C. Mallofré, and Núria P. Carreté

A Qualitative Version of Backpropagation Learning


Yasushi Umeda and Tetsuo Tomiyama

FBS Modeling: Modeling Scheme of Function for Conceptual Design

Takashi Washio and Masaharu Kitamura

A Fast History-Oriented Envisioning Method Introducing Temporal Logic