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H. Ahriz and S. Xia

Automatic Modelling for Diagnosis

C. Bailey-Kellogg and F. Zhao

Spatial Aggregation: Modeling and Controlling Physical Fields

S. Bandini, A. Carassa, P. Pegurri and A. Valpiani

Modeling and Simulating Traffic from a Cognitive and Qualitative Reasoning Perspective

E. Bradley, A. O'Gallagher and J. Rogers

Global Solutions for Nonlinear Systems Using Qualitative Reasoning

I. Bratko

Qualitative Reconstruction of Control Skill

D. J. Clancy, G. Brajnik and H. Kay

Model Revision: Techniques and Tools for Analyzing Simulation Results and Revising Qualitative Models

D. J. Clancy and B. Kuipers

Dynamic Chatter Abstraction: A Scalable Technique for Avoiding Irrelevant Distinctions during Qualitative Simulation

K. de Koning, B. Bredeweg and J. Breuker

Automatic Aggregation of Qualitative Reasoning Networks

A. M. Farley

Qualitative Argumentation

K. D. Forbus and D. Gentner

Qualitative Mental Models: Simulations or Memories?

V. Haarslev and R. Möller

SBox: A Qualitative Spatial Reasoner: Progress Report

M. Hofbaur

Analysis of Control Systems Using Qualitative and Quantitative Simulation

L. Joskowicz and E. Sacks

Qualitative and Quantitative Mechanical Assembly Design

P. J. Mosterman and G. Biswas

Formal Specifications from Hybrid Bond Graph Models

S. Reece

Data Fusion and Parameter Estimation Using Qualitative Models: The Qualitative: The Qualitative Kalman Filter

P. Salles and B. Bredeweg

Building Qualitative Models in Ecology

A. C. Cem Say

Limitations Imposed by the Sign-Equality Assumption in Qualitative Simulation

N. Snooke and C. Price

Challenges for Qualitative Electrical Reasoning in Automotive Circuit Simulation

A. Steele and R. Leitch

Qualitative Parameter Identification

P. Struss, M. Sachenbacher and F. Dummert

Diagnosing a Dynamic System with (almost) no Observations: A case study in off-board diagnosis of the hydraulic circuit of an anti-lock braking system

L. Travé-Massuyès and R. Pons

Causal Ordering for Multiple Mode Systems

K. Yip

Structural Inferences from Massive Datasets

Posters and Short Talks


S. Borgo, N. Guarino and C. Masolo

An Ontological Theory of Physical Objects

G. Brajnik

Statistical Properties of Qualitative Behaviors

G. Brajnik and D. J. Clancy

Control of Hybrid Systems Using Qualitative Simulation

S. Case, Q. Shen, R. Banares-Alcantara and J. Ponton

Detecting Inverse Responses in Chemical Processes with Qualitative Simulation

F. Guerrin , J. Dumas, P. Davaine, E. Beall and O. Clément

Qualitative Modeling of the Impact of the Environment on Early Stages of Salmon Populations

L. Hunter, J.L. Krichmar and J.L. Olds

Qualitative Reasoning as a Modeling Tool for Computational Neuroscience

Y. Kitamura, M. lkeda and R. Mizoguchi

An Ontological Consideration on Causal Time in Qualitative Reasoning Systems

Z. Kulpa. A. Radomski, O. Gajl, M. Kleiber and I. Skalna

Hybrid Expert System for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Mechanical Structures

B. Münker, S. Hellinger, D. Schaich and R. King

Application of QR Techniques within an Integrated Tool for Automated Modelling of Chemical Reaction Systems

S.M.F.D. S. Mustapha, T.N. Phillips and C.J. Price

Towards the Characterization of Viscoelastic Materials Using Model-Based Reasoning Techniques

J. Pastor, L. Travé-Massuyès, J-F. Démonet and B. Doyon. P. Celsis

BioCaen: A Causal Qualitative Network for Cerebral Information Propagation Modeling

J. Renz and B. Nebel

On the Complexity of Qualitative Spatial Reasoning: A Maximal Tractable Fragment of RCC-8

T. Sakao, Y. Umeda and T. Tomiyama

Operations of Functionality

A. C. Cem Say

Numbers Representable in Pure QSIM

C. Steinmann

Qualitative Reasoning on Economic Models

M. Yumoto, T. Yamasaki, T. Ohkawa, N. Komoda and F. Miyasaka

Automatic Model Generation for Stochastic Qualitative Reasoning of Building Air-Conditioning Systems

F. Zouaoui, R. Thetiot and M. Dumas

Multimodeling Representation for Physical Systems Application to PWR Primary Coolant Loop



G. De Nicolao

System Identification: Problems and Perspectives