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Ahriz, H., Tomasena, M.

Modeling as a Fragment Assembling Process

Bailey-Kellogg, C. and Zhao, F.

Influence-Based Model Decomposition

Biris, E. and Shen, Q.

Automatic Modelling using Bayesian Networks for Explanation Generation

Bouwer, A. and Bredeweg, B.

Explanation and Qualitative Reasoning

Bruno, S. and Mathieu, P.

Qualitative Reasoning, Analogical Reasoning and Conceptualization in Physics: A Psychological Point of View

Clancy, D.J . and Kuipers, B.J.

Divide and Conquer: A Component-based Qualitative Simulation Algorithm

Coghill, G.M. and Chantler,M.J.

 Constructive and Non-constructive Asynchronous Qualitative Simulation

Donlon, CPT J.J. and Forbus, K.D.

 Using a Geographic Information System for Qualitative Spatial Reasoning about Trafficability

Erignac. C.A.

Semi-Qualitative Simulation for Virtual Environments

Ferguson, R.W. and Forbus, K.D.

GeoRep: A Flexible Tool for Spatial Representation of Line Drawings

Flores, J.J . and Cerda, J.

Modeling Circuits with Multiple Grounded Sources: An Efficient Clustering Algorithm

Förstner, D. and Lunze, J.

Qualitative Modelling of a Power Stage for Diagnosis

Heidtke, K.R. and Schulze-Kremer, S.

Improving Semi-Quantitative Reasoning by Landmark Approximation

Hofbaur, M. and Dourdoumas, N.

Improving Semiquantitative Simulation by Using Lyapunov Analysis

Hong, W. and Lang, K.R .

A Philosophical Foundation of Qualitative Modeling Methodologies Based on the Yin-Yang Principle

Kitamura, Y. and Mizoguchi, R.

Meta-Functions of Artifacts

Lee, M.H.

Qualitative Modelling of Linear Networks in ECAD Applications

McManus, A., Price, C., Snooke, N. and Joseph, R.

Design Verification of Automotive Electrical Circuits

Mosterman, P.J. and Biswas, G.

Deriving Discontinuous State Changes for Reduced Order Systems and the Effect on Compositionality

Ortega, J.A., Gasca, R.M. and Toro,M.

A Semiqualitative Methodology for Reasoning about Dynamic Systems

Say, A. C. Cem

Using Inter-Behavior Contradictions for Modeling and Diagnosis

Schaich, D., King, R., Keller, U. and Chantler M.

Interval Identification: A Modelling and Design Technique for Dynamic Systems

Shen, Q., Peng, T. and Milne R.

Dimensional Analysis Based Causal Ordering

Struss, P. and Sachenbacher, M.

Significant Distinctions Only: Context-dependent Automated Qualitative Modeling

Suc, D. and Bratko, I.

Modelling of Control Skill by Qualitative Constraints

Travé-Massuyès, L., Prats, F., Sánchez, M., Agell, N. and Pastor, J.

Qualitative Agents for Assessing Human Reasoning in Process Supervision

Vatcheva, I. and de Jong, H.

Semi-Quantitative Comparative Analysis and its Application

Washio, T., Motoda, H. and Niwa, Y.

Automated Scientific Modeling from Observed Data and its Application to Socio-Psychology

Yamasaki,T., Yumoto,M., Ohkawa, T., Komoda, N. and Miyasaka, F.

High-Speed Stochastic Qualitative Reasoning by Model Division and States Composition

Overlap Papers from DX99


Aguado Chao, J. C. and Aguilar Martín, J.

A Mixed Qualitative -Quantitative Classification Method Applied to Diagnosis

Cascio, F., Console, L., Guagliumi, M., Osella, M., Panati, A., Sottano, S. and Theseider Dupré, D.

Generating On-board Diagnostics of Dynamic Automotive Systems Based on Qualitative Models

Lunze, J.

Discrete-event Modelling and Diagnosis of Quantised Dynamical Systems

Mauss, J. and Sachenbacher, M.

Conflict-driven Diagnosis using Relational Aggregations

McIlraith, S. A.

Model-based Programming using Golog and the Situation Calculus

Mcllraith, S., Biswas, G., Clancy, D. and Gupta, V.

Towards Diagnosing Hybrid Systems

Milde, H., Hotz, L., Kahl, J. and Wessel, S.

Qualitative Analysis of Electrical Circuits for Computer-based Diagnostic Decision Tree Generation

Provan, G.

Model-based Diagnostics and Recovery: An Integrated Approach

Williams, B. C. and Gupta, V.

Unifying Model-based and Reactive Programming within a Model-based Executive