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David Bell, Daniel Bobrow, Brian Falkenhainer, Markus Fromherz, Vijay Saraswat, and Mark Shirley

RAPPER: The Copier Modeling Project

Elizabeth Bradley

Automatic Construction of Accurate Models of Physical Systems

Bert Bredeweg, Kees de Koning, and Cis Schut

Modeling the Influence of Non-Changing Quantities

Diane Chi and Yumi Iwasaki

Abstraction Framework for Compositional Modeling

Daniel J. Clancy and Benjamin Kuipers

Model Decomposition and Simulation

Richard J. Doyle

A Distance Measure for Attention Focusing and Anomaly Detection in
Systems Monitoring

Oskar Dressler and Hartmut Freitag

Prediction Sharing Across Time and Contexts

Boi Faltings

Topology-based Spatial Reasoning

Adam Farquhar and Giorgio Brajnik

A Semi-Quantitative Physics Compiler

Donal P. Finn and Padraig Cunningham

Physical Model Generation in Thermal Engineering Problems described
by Partial Differential Equations

Kenneth D. Forbus and Brian Falkenhainer

Polynomial-time Compilation of Self-Explanatory Simulators

Kenneth D. Forbus and Peter B. Whalley

Using Qualitative Physics to Build Articulate Software for Thermodynamics Education

Yang Gao and Hugh F. Durrant-Whyte

Integrating Qualitative Simulation for Numerical Data Fusion Methods

Kyungsook Han and Andrew Gelsey

Compositional Modeling for Complex Spatial Reasoning Tasks

David L. Hibler

A Theoretical Analysis of Thought Experiments

L. Ironi and M. Stefanelli

QCMF: A Tool for Generating Qualitative Models from Compartmental

Kiyoshi Itoh

Integration of Real-Time System Prototyping with Qualitative and
Quantitative Reasoning-Based Parameter Tuning Methods

Benjamin J. Kuipers and Benjamin Shults

Reasoning in Logic about Continuous Systems

Maria Lee and Paul Compton

Context-Dependent Causal Explanations

Monika Lundell

Qualitative Reasoning with Spatially Distributed Parameters

N. Hari Narayanan, Masaki Suwa and Hiroshi Motoda

Qualitative Behavior Hypothesis from Device Diagrams

Yusuf Pisan

Visual Reasoning with Graphs

Sowmya Ramachandran, Raymond J. Mooney, and Benjamin J. Kuipers

Learning Qualitative Models for Systems with Multiple Operating Regions

Munehiko Sasajima, Yoshinobu Kitamura, Mitsuru Ikeda, Shinji Yoshikawa, Akira Endou, and Riichiro Mizoguchi

An Investigation on Domain Ontology to Represent Functional Models

Q. Shen, R. R. Leitch and A. D. Steele

A Generic Harness for the Systematic Generation of Multiple Models

Peter Struss

Model Abstraction for Testing of Physical Systems

Kun Sun and Boi Faltings

Supporting Creative Mechanical Design

Hiroshi Tanaka and Shusaku Tsumoto

Qualitative Reasoning of a Temporally Hierarchical System based on
Infinitesimal Analysis

Sunil Thadani and B. Chandrasekaran

Constructing Functional Models of a Device from its Structural Description

Takashi Washio

A History-oriented Envisioning Method

Brian C. Williams and Jonathan Cagan

Activity Analysis: The Qualitative Analysis of Stationary Points for Optimal Reasoning

Kenneth Man-kam Yip

Macroscopic Interpretation of Microscopic Models

Shinji Yoshikawa, Akira Endou, Yoshinobu Kitamura, Munehiko Sasajima, Mitsuru Ikeda, and Riichiro Mizoguchi

Examination of Deep Knowledge in Knowledge Compilers

Feng Zhao

Intelligent Computing About Complex Dynamical Systems